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Diabetes and Diaper Rash

It’s not diaper rash. At least not what I’m talking about-  that angry, red, almost welt-like eruption that we’ve encountered occasionally, usually after a series of high BGs (and the overly soggy diapers that accompany them).   It really doesn’t happen … Continue reading

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Ketones- how high can you go?

When I was first sent home from the hospital with this not yet 11 month old baby, I was given some urine ketone test strips and was instructed to put some cotton balls in his diaper if i wanted to … Continue reading

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Does diabetes cause crazy hair??

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Bed-time Blood Sugar

My bedtime. Not his.  It’s almost 11 p.m., and I’d love to go to sleep, but Ben’s at 87.  Great number most of the time.  But not if I want to sleep.   What I used to do was slip him … Continue reading

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It could be worse

If you want to feel like maybe you don’t have it so bad, watch this short documentary about kids in Nepal dealing with diabetes:

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Maybe it was just rabies

I intend to post some helpful information, but he’s crazy.  Totally wild and crazy.  More soon!

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Day of Diagnosis

Easiest way to start the story- with the shocker beginning.   Email to friends and family almost a year ago (unedited): Sent: Sat, July 17, 2010 5:39:23 PM Subject: worst day ever     wednesday afternoon ben started some weird breathing, … Continue reading

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