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Back to the Beginning

In the next few days I will be giving Ben’s new daycare providers a crash course in Diabetes Management 101.  I am sympathetic to their plight.  They are going to be handed this kid who comes with a long list … Continue reading

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Do you see the Space Needle?

Neither do I!  Usually you can see the city beyond that hill.  Not today.  And not for the last few days.  And probably not tomorrow either.  Welcome to Seattle!                                In this new city, I ask again Who’s going to … Continue reading

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Are you in or out?

I need to make better command decisions at times of less than desirable site changes.  Too often I’ve played the Wait and See game- otherwise called Wishful Thinking.   Tonight I did a site change on my squirrely-ass boy, and it didn’t feel right going … Continue reading

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I didn’t know we were on the naughty list!

Sure I’ve taken some time off, but so has everyone else including the people responsible for providing Ben’s insulin pump supplies.   Our so-called “autofill” order from Medtronic was supposed to go out November 23.   Over a month later, I was still digging through … Continue reading

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