Duck, duck, duck…Diabetes!

Here’s a snapshot of Mission Control as families began to arrive at a local community center for a meeting to discuss managing diabetes at kindergarten next year.  The picture below is T minus 5 minutes.  Later, as more kids arrived, the blood glucose meters and CGM receivers stretched out down the bleacher in the gym.  Super Star BG Monitor (Ben’s former nanny) monitored the gadgets while a lovable middle school kid with T1D got pummeled by a swarm of mini T1Ds.

photo (6)

In an adjacent room the parents swapped stories and concerns about Seattle public schools, private schools, and home schooling.  (While I personally can’t imagine a fate worse than home schooling my child, I can totally understand why some desire it.)

Here’s the sitch in Seattle.  So.  Some schools have full time nurses.  In ones that don’t, a PDA- Parent Designated Adult (awful name), can do BG checks and administer insulin. This “PDA” is someone who volunteers out of kindness, compassion, etc, etc.  Maybe no school staff volunteers.  Maybe you don’t have friends or family who DON’T HAVE TO WORK FOR A LIVING and can come do this.  Well, too bad.                                                                                Quit your job to be at school every day and hold up signs at street corners: Will work for insulin– but only on weekends and after 4 on week days.

When I get over my bad attitude, I will get a 504 in place and work with whomever I need to in order to keep my boy safe at school.  In the meantime I’d like to tell Seattle -and everywhere really- this issue is not going away. More and more kids are getting diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and at younger and younger ages.  There will be kids with T1D at every school.  Be prepared. (Where did all the Boy Scouts go?)

Special thanks to Medtronic for covering the cost of renting the venue and to Level Life for donating their tasty glucose gel which came in handy in a room full of little kids going nuts for two hours.

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3 Responses to Duck, duck, duck…Diabetes!

  1. Staci Heldring says:

    Thank you so much Theresa! You put on one fun (for the kids) and eye opening (for us parents) event!! I am so thankful for the wonderful T1D community here in Seattle.

  2. Katy says:

    she’s BACK!

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