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Exploit the children

As someone whose child was diagnosed with diabetes as a baby, I have had years of being exclusively responsible for my son’s blood sugar management.  Eventually, some parts of the day had been outsourced to various nannies and preschool teachers, … Continue reading

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Calculated Risk

I’ll get back to diabetes management and the total eradication of gluten in a bit.  I’m still lingering over long term strategies to keep my son alive long after I kick it.  I listed a few tricks for ensuring he … Continue reading

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Lock up yer daughters

My first plan of action in playing outside the box in safeguarding Ben’s health after he’s out of my care is to get a night watchman.   Woman. He shouldn’t sleep alone.  When he goes off to college or wherever he goes … Continue reading

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See past the finish line.

It’s occurred to me that I was short-sighted in an offhand remark about getting Ben to age 13.  There is so much more work to be done.  A few months back I had a bit of a scare that made me … Continue reading

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Suddenly, Kindergarten

It’s finally here.  I had started working on our 504 plan back in March.  I wanted to get a solid plan of action in place with the school nurse before school let out for summer.  Well… she retired at the … Continue reading

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Tonight’s the Night

Tonight’s the night that I bolus for protein. Our bodies can make glucose from non-carbohydrates such as amino acids in protein.  This trick comes in handy in keeping blood sugar steady.   Remember that rule about following up a low … Continue reading

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