Two Hours into the Animas Vibe Experience

First, I’d like to point out that I made a poor management decision in choosing to embark on this new pump experience at the boy’s bed time (and a late one at that-thanks Pacific Northwest summer).

Or perhaps it was a genius decision in that boluses are taken out of the picture.  No. Stupid decision. Will not sleep much tonight.  Also, this questionable choice is currently paired with Dexcom reading lower, always lower. I can see 6 am now.  Oh, you’ve had a solid 2 hours of sleep, well, BEEEEEEP, low!  Psych.  Not really. Just wake up, test, and find a smooth 86.  Anyhow, back to Vibe.

Setting it up was an arduous task of button pushing and screen navigating.  Not a great first impression.  Also, am suddenly panicking about 5 year old (almost 6? reads kind of ok?) being able to tell semi-trained summer daycare people what is what.  He was a boss of his Medtronic pump.

But.  He has been trending low (not quite as low as liar Dexcom says, but still) since starting the new pump, and I take that as an awesome sign.  A major factor in this pump change was me being regularly pissed about the insulin I was ordering up not actually being delivered (not a scientific conclusion- just one of someone obsessed with factoring in all elements- activity or lack thereof, growth, adrenaline, fat content, protein content, temperature, phase of the moon….), and he is certainly getting insulin right now.  I just found this great Good, Bad, and Ugly Review of the Vibe and fell in love with #5 under Insulin Calculation.  Maybe a faster subcutaneous bolus speed will change things for us.   While waiting out the last low I spent some time enjoying above reviewer’s blog . Check it out.  Two of her songs fill the wait period before rechecking BG quite well.

The main reason for trying out Animas was integration with Dexcom.  While it’s not perfect yet as it utilizes an older algorithm than the Dexcom receiver we have now, and there is no low-BG suspend, it’s a promising beginning.  Also- summer/waterproof.  Works for me right now.  And I’m excited there is an option for low or high sensitivity for the blockage alarm.  Any time I suspected a problem with insulin delivery from the Medtronic pump, customer service would ask I clamp the line, and we had to wait for it to build up to 5 units to test if occlusion alarms were working.  5 units!!  For a kid who often gets only 1 unit for meals, this threshold is useless.

I have a few Animas questions now and probably will have more by morning.  (Again, bad timing.)  I did end up giving him one small bolus for a snack before bed. I was disappointed to see a “calibrate now with this BG?” message pop up. Can this be disabled? Please, no extra CGM calibrations throughout the day.  I can bypass this just fine. But will the 5 year old or the people taking care of him bypass it?  So many buttons.

Ok, time for a nap. It’s going to be a long night.

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5 Responses to Two Hours into the Animas Vibe Experience

  1. Laddie says:

    The BG calibration screen cannot be disabled and will pop up every time you include a BG reading as part of a bolus. However, you can ignore it and it will time out. I initially was using vibrate alerts for everything and the BG calibration screen gave me 3 or 4 vibrations. Quite stupid for a very unimportant screen. But once I changed the Warning alert to Low, it’s a quick beep and I just ignore it.

    There are definite quirks with Animas but over time you’ll figure them out. The Vibe menu is much improved from the Ping, but compared to Medtronic it is poorly designed. The waterproof feature is great and will make life so much easier for you on water days.

    • type1tot says:

      Thanks so much. Will definitely be adjusting alerts as you suggested. I’m ready for a more customizable pump now. (And CGM receiver for that matter.) Shouldn’t we have that by now?

  2. Katy says:

    Picturing the five-year-old having to read all of the screens (“(almost 6? reads kind of ok?)” <—HAHAHA)…I'm overwhelmed. Probably by today or tomorrow he will have it all memorized.

    Melissa Lee is amazing! I loved reading her review. The bad parts are all things I could live with, I'm pretty sure.

    My person wants T-Slim next, and I'll let him choose, but…this sounds good.

    • type1tot says:

      T-Slim, huh? I haven’t looked into that one much. Was instantly turned off by it’s iphone-ness. Too sexy for my kid. But yours is older. I did just this week hear some frustration from a T-slim user, that “the Contact Detach, 6mm cannula with 32” tubing is on “back order” and will remain that way at least until August.” That would suck if they sell out of your preferred infusion site.
      As for Animas… a few days in, and I’m liking it. Sure I’d like to consult on the redesign. But so far so good.

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