Diabetes Camp… or Award for Five Years of Service


It crossed my mind the other day that it is about that time, the five-year marker of Ben having diabetes.  A couple years ago I decided I would not be marking the anniversary of his d-day, and I don’t mean to, really, but five years?!?  What about me? Do I get a certificate of service?  A plaque?  A trip to an exotic locale?  And then, I realized, holy shit, I’m getting my service award now!  Ben’s at diabetes camp all week, and his dad flew in to share camp experience and to have him nights.    (Truly, congrats to Ben and all on five years, but I’m not going to tell him that because he doesn’t know any better, and he is a star every day, what’s another year….)  Immense gratitude for camp and for Ben’s dad to share his limited time with his kid with a bunch of other kids.  (I think you should sometimes have to miss people you love.  Ben and I don’t get to do that much with each other.)

This is my reunion with Ben after 5 days without him.  He’s so cute when he’s sleeping….

Ahhh, diabetes camp.  No one else gets it.  I mentioned it to my dad, and he went off on how Ben’s not “special needs” and doesn’t need to be treated as such.  Agreed.  I’m often blown away by his badassery, but I still fully embrace him being in a world, just for a few days, when everyone stops to get BG checks, count carbs, administer insulin.  It’s a powerful thing for these kids.  Non-stop fun except for when it does stop, briefly, and everyone stops, takes care of business, and then back at it.

Next camp on the wishlist is Bearskin Meadow Family Camp.   Sleep under the stars at Kings Canyon National Park.   IMG_3087



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6 Responses to Diabetes Camp… or Award for Five Years of Service

  1. Amy says:

    What a great opportunity for Ben! And what a nice break for you! A week full of trips to Whole Foods or where ever without frantic texts from a not-so-experienced-at-carb-counting friend. 🙂

  2. Katy says:

    Your boy is so beautiful! I’m glad he had fun at camp.

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