6 is the new 13?

What. Is. Happening???  Child turned six less than a month ago.  Is complete monster.  Daily.  The last few nights he has had unexplained high BGs. I just bolus, drink some wine, bolus, wonder if he’s getting sick, looks totally like getting sick BGs, bolus.  Finally he comes down, and I go to bed.

But tonight!

BG will not come down.  Bolus, bolus, new site, bolus, bolus, finally give a shot, take off pump and bolus into sink, yes, working.     Is this hormones??  Is this a preview of puberty?  Please, no.

I can’t take this:  IMG_3910

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3 Responses to 6 is the new 13?

  1. Katy says:

    Beautiful monster boy!

    Whenever I ask this, people say it’s bc growth hormones. Then they say how long a growth spurt lasts. I forget: days? Weeks? More than a day, I’m pretty sure. Possibly long enough to reprogram basal, but not so long that you won’t be practically immediately deprogrammimg.

    Then they say measure him and you will see. It all seems true.

    How are we still doing this? t1t is the only good part.

  2. type1tot says:

    He is nice again. He is no fool. Neotany fades. Assholery should fade with it.

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