Penultimate Post: On Hugs

I thought I was doing a good job.  Maybe I got a bit lazy.  Lazy is the wrong word.  No, not complacent either.  More like, I’ve put in my hours, I nailed it, I’m signing off.  But when I did that, signed off…my kid was waking up.

All the tedious details of this whole thing- the administrative bullshit (hey Dexcom, this sensor failed early, please send new one; hey medical device supplier company, is it too early to refill, hey random person across town, yes, I’d love those extra supplies, we’ll swing by on Sunday and pick up), the mind-fuck that is packing perfectly releasing carb/protein lunch and then snack and then one more for after school snack- please stop with the snacks, and then night- this is when I can properly FEED you, so I will stay up as long as it takes to micromanage this BG, oh wait- a device failed! Of course it did! Always now.  Ok, new site or new sensor and two more hours to calibrate….

And then he’s awake.  For a full day.  And I’m a half day into this thing.  And maybe I’m not as demonstrative in my love as I could be.  This has been buzzing around the periphery of my consciousness as I barrel through this life, but reading about other people needing just a hug has reminded me I have a baby who needs to be held, like Harlow’s monkeys , and maybe I could be softer. I really want to be the cloth mommy and not the wire mommy who just  had the (carb-counted) bottle of milk.

hug monkey

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2 Responses to Penultimate Post: On Hugs

  1. Katy says:

    I hope penultimate doesn’t mean what I think it means.

    At least tell me what to make with all of this bone broth.

    Don’t go.

    I loved Christina’s post too. Thank you.

  2. type1tot says:

    It does mean that. But it will be a really long post ????
    What CAN’T you do with bone broth? It makes everything better. Makes every vegetarian recipe better. ha. Sorry. I am not animal-ing unsuspecting vegetarians. Last thing I made with it was— sear some lamb chops in a pan, deglaze w some red wine, add broth, and the sauteed onions and garlic and kale i forgot to mention, and top w some GF bread croutons- it’s like french onion soup mated w some sort of illegal suckling lamb dish. And I don’t tell anyone about the bone broth. I just take credit. So what.

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