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Tonight’s the Night

Tonight’s the night that I bolus for protein. Our bodies can make glucose from non-carbohydrates such as amino acids in protein.  This trick comes in handy in keeping blood sugar steady.   Remember that rule about following up a low … Continue reading

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One Month Until Kindergarten

Aaaaack! I’m running out of time! How do I make my son invincible by September?? I had big plans for forging a foolproof 504 plan with the school nurse before school let out for the summer.   But she retired. … Continue reading

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Suspected Glutening?

O.K., last post on gluten for a while, I promise.  I know that I, pre-Celiac days, would get so irritated when a good online Diabetes discussion would get hijacked by gluten.  Like I cared.  And then all of a sudden … Continue reading

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Gluten, gluten everywhere

Before it became apparent that gluten was the devil, and a even bit before that- in my past life- I carried my baby sourdough starter across country for my first move and then up the coast for subsequent moves.  Where … Continue reading

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Easy Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies

Easy.  Delicious.  Try this at home. Gluten free baking can be a drag.  Some flours don’t taste quite right.  Often you’ll need xantham or guar gum as a binder.  Unless! You’re making peanut butter- something.  You really don’t need any … Continue reading

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Thank you sir, may I have another?

We’re back!  Sorry for the long hiatus.  There were 80-some days of sun in Seattle, so I wasn’t spending too much time in front of a computer.  Now it’s cold and rainy, and I have a lot to say, so … Continue reading

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