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Suddenly, Kindergarten

It’s finally here.  I had started working on our 504 plan back in March.  I wanted to get a solid plan of action in place with the school nurse before school let out for summer.  Well… she retired at the … Continue reading

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One Month Until Kindergarten

Aaaaack! I’m running out of time! How do I make my son invincible by September?? I had big plans for forging a foolproof 504 plan with the school nurse before school let out for the summer.   But she retired. … Continue reading

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Best glucose tabs container!

For excursions to the park or bike rides around the neighborhood, I usually just clip Ben’s meter to my belt loop with a carabiner.  There are a couple rolls of smarties stashed in the meter case for lows.   A … Continue reading

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Duck, duck, duck…Diabetes!

Here’s a snapshot of Mission Control as families began to arrive at a local community center for a meeting to discuss managing diabetes at kindergarten next year.  The picture below is T minus 5 minutes.  Later, as more kids arrived, … Continue reading

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Nine Months Until Kindergarten

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